Why horses?

Well-kept and healthy horses provide clients with an emotional and sensory environment that promotes calm, inner balance and trust. Horses give us a non-judgmental, accepting environment that other people, even trained riders, rarely can.

Healthy horses seek closeness with people, opening the client to accept closeness, to long for love and connection in this safe space. This emotional safety and trust triggers new neural pathways, emotions and body memories to connect in a safe way.

Personality development

Horses have special gifts and abilities to bring to the surface – sometimes unconscious – feelings and forgotten thoughts within us and to shed light on the key issues in our lives that we need to answer for ourselves before we can move on.

In the equestrian self-awareness sessions, I invite you on an exciting journey to discover the inner drivers of your personality, experience how you behave in different situations, discover your hidden talents and turn them to your advantage.

Leadership training

Group dynamics

Team building, company events

Equine wisdom

Personal  Development with Horses

We live in a special world.

Find balance with the horses !

In our world, technological progress has accelerated so much that every day we are confronted with new discoveries and achievements that make our lives more comfortable. All this fascinates us, but it can also make us feel uneasy. Where does this anxiety come from and how can we overcome it?

The ancestors of horses have lived among us for 60 million years, and humans domesticated the species about 6,000 years ago. Yet the genetics of today’s horse has retained many of the traits of the wild horses of the past. As a traditionalist horseman friend of mine aptly puts it, ‘the soul of man travels at the speed of the horse‘. Perhaps this is one of the qualities of horses that makes them the horses of choice for self-study sessions. They teach us to slow down to our own pace and live in the present moment.

Individual Sessions

One and a half hour self-discovery experience with horses

Group Sessions
(6-8 people)

Find yourself in a community during a half-day EAPD session

Sessions in Pair

Relationship dynamics, protecting personal boundaries, emotional agility,…

horse riding in abu dhabi emirates

I am György.

I love riding, over the years horse riding has become a passion. I’ve tried my hand at many different riding disciplines, but the most popular is cross-country riding and trail riding. I’ve ridden in different countries all over the world, if I add up, I’ve covered more than 1000 km on horseback. Horseback riding is also useful because I spend time with the horse and I learn from him a lot. I would like to pass on some of these experiences to you in my horse assisted personal development sessions.

The individual sessions are about 1.5 hours long, during which time you have the opportunity to experience how being with horses affects us. Pair sessions are longer.

During the sessions, I rely on Nativmethod, a personal development and self-learning method based on the knowledge and skills currently available in Equine Assisted Personal Development (EAPD).


I strongly recommend the horse-assisted self-awareness sessions of György Gábor Vass. Don’t let that stop you if you’ve been afraid of horses! The horse holds up a mirror and helps you to get closer to your inner self.


The horse-assisted personal development session with Gyuri and Süsü was a great experience. All of a sudden, the relationship dynamics in my interactions with other people became clear, so I can further develop it in the future. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel their own spiritual and mental power and figure out how to use it in the most natural way.


Beautiful surroundings, a patient trainer… I think everyone would afford a short break, and get to know a new side of themselves and the world they live in.



György VASS


+36 30 349 7147