There are many reasons why we choose horses for self-awareness sessions. I would like to mention a few of them. The horse can detect and bring to the surface hidden things, traits and patterns of behaviour that we may not be aware of. It senses our current emotional state, “what we are in” and reflects this faithfully in its behaviour. During the sessions, I read the horse’s behaviour and give you feedback on it. Very interesting insights come from this. You will also perceive that the horse helps you to get out of the vicious circle around your ego, thus reducing stress. It gives you a sense of responsibility towards your fellow man and other living beings. It reduces the anxiety that comes from being constantly preoccupied and worried about yourself. It helps us find our place in a larger whole, in space. It develops self-confidence.

Healthy horses seek closeness with people, opening the client to accept closeness, to desire love and connection in this safe space. This emotional safety and trust triggers new neural pathways, emotions and body memories to connect in a safe way.

Well kept and healthy horses provide clients with an emotional and sensory environment that promotes calming, inner balance and trust. Horses give us a non-judgmental, accepting environment that other people, even trained riders, rarely can.

Horses also develop emotional intelligence and empathic skills. It teaches us to trust our environment, our fellow human beings. It gives us immediate reactions, it confronts us with the truth (e.g. a disturbed state of mind). As a rider, it teaches us to be decisive, because every indecisive movement and request we make is a potential threat to the horse.

Overcoming fears and anxiety, conserving energy, relaxation, finding and maintaining inner peace and calm. Release emotionally stressful periods (conflicts, bereavement, break-ups, etc.). Mobilising energies for a fresh start.

How can we become caring (good mother, parent, family member, husband, wife)?