Horses have special gifts and abilities to bring to the surface – not always conscious – feelings and forgotten thoughts within us and to shed light on the key issues in our lives that we need to answer for ourselves before we can move on.

“Looking into a very deep well, you can see a star even in the brightest day.”
Ivan’s Childhood (1962, d. Andrei Tarkowski)

In the equestrian self-awareness sessions, I invite you on an exciting journey to discover the inner drivers of your personality, experience how you behave in different situations, learn about your hidden talents and turn them to your advantage.

Individual sessions last approximately 1.5 hours. During this time you will do situational exercises. During the sessions I will read the horse’s behaviour and give you feedback on it. Very interesting insights come out of this. You will also perceive that the horse helps you to get out of the vicious circle around your ego, thus reducing stress. It helps you find your place in a larger whole, in the universe. The duration of the individual session is long enough to work with a theme you bring in, in a safe, protected space.