Healthy horses seek closeness with people, opening the client to accept closeness, to long for love and connection in this safe space. This emotional safety and trust triggers new neural pathways, feelings and body memories to connect in a safe way.

The horse develops emotional intelligence and empathic skills. It teaches us to trust our environment and our fellow human beings. It gives us immediate reactions, it confronts us with the truth (e.g. upset state of mind). Today, nothing is more important than developing our emotional intelligence. It is very interesting to experience when the horse points out how emotional security is a necessity for all living beings. All I need to do is leave the horse alone with a client who is emotionally locked up as a result of some past trauma or injury. In such an environment, the horse becomes nervous and anxious. It is enough to return to this space and the hitherto motionless horse moves towards me.

Our emotional intelligence is fortunate to be formed and developed in childhood, when our parents still provide us with a protective environment. Unfortunately, today’s frequent divorces and the resulting broken families do not help children’s emotional development. As adults, we must learn to find emotional security ourselves, which is a prerequisite for being able to behave as independent, reliable adults in a relationship, for example. Without emotional security, we become fearful, like horses, and fear-motivated people easily fall prey to others. Other people begin to control our lives.

Horses can give us many practical tips and practical advice for emotional development. No one should think that we can be calm and balanced people without nurturing and maintaining our human relationships, building trust, and embracing our vulnerabilities. Horses have a well-developed social sense and skills, part of their survival instinct. Come and experience it for yourself, learn emotional intelligence from horses! Experience the flow of energy that comes from emotionally connecting with another living being in an accepting and non-judgmental space during these sessions!